THE RED TURTLE Japan/France 2017 (PG)

THE RED TURTLE Japan/France 2017


at Alderman Peel High,Market Lane, Wells NR23 1RB

Half Term Matinee. ANIMATED FILM.

Dir:  Michael Dudok de Wit. Cast (voice): Emmanuel Garijo, Tom Hudson, Baptiste Goy, Alexi Devillers and Barbara Beretta

This beautiful animated film, jointly made by Japan’s Studio Ghibli and European backers, with a Dutch/British director, is like a zen variation on Robinson Crusoe.  A man is washed up on an archetypical desert island.  Repeated attempts to sail away bring him into contact with a mysterious giant turtle, out of which a surprising relationship mysteriously develops.  The story operates at the level of a universal myth, free of dialogue or specifics, subtly alluding to deeper matters.

Characters are often dwarfed in lush expanses of sea, sky or forest, and there’s a delight in small details;  a greek chorus of scuttling crabs, the lapping of waves on the shore.  A beautiful film for all ages  - “a desert island film to bask in” – Steve Rose, The Guardian.

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